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Type "A” Career Woman Wakes Up From A Coma With Messages From God.
With Election of Obama, Coma Survivor Sees in America a Similar “Awakening”

In a fascinating new book, Type “A” Career Woman Wakes Up From A Coma With Messages From God.

Aurora, Missouri, November 18, 2008, Lisa Reed was an ordinary, driven career woman, “spiritually bankrupt,” as she puts it, when a boating accident in 2005 left her for dead. Twenty-eight days later, she woke up as a changed woman, with God’s voice speaking to her and a mission to share those messages with the world.

With Obama’s election, Reed says: “American's have awakened as I did. There has been a similar shift in perspective.” Obama’s election heralds a time “when outsiders of all kinds will be accepted as they are. There is reason to hope. To dream big. You can accomplish anything and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.” In short, American's have come closer to seeing themselves as God sees them.

Reed writes about her own awakening in Divinely Blessed: A Journey of Light, (Outskirts Press, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4327-2535-8), which launches today. It’s the story of a courageous woman whose early, ill-advised marriage, left her on welfare. Nonetheless, Lisa persevered and even prospered. But, along the way, she “became addicted to success,” until the near-death experience happened that changed her perspective about life and death. For those who think the material world is all there is, Reed’s engaging, eye-opening book clearly demonstrates that there is so much more. Through Divinely Blessed, we enter a world that dispels the darkness surrounding death, replacing it with a message of hope, faith, and courage.

When we live at a hectic pace, Reed says, it’s almost impossible to pay attention to the blessings we receive in our lives on a daily basis. “I had everything my heart desired materially. Yet, I was constantly striving for more.” That was, until the boating accident, which Reed calls a blessing that emerged from a tragedy. Lisa “discovered how much courage we actually have and how death is so misunderstood.” Her main mission, she says, is to share “that there is nothing to fear about death or life. Live life to the fullest!”

While other spiritual writers have explored similar terrain, Divinely Blessed offers the further example of how to see the working of the Divine in our own lives. Through short, digestible chapters, Reed dissects her own life for those heretofore hidden messages, and finds, “Divine blessings have occurred in my own life since the day I was born.”
The result is a compelling and highly readable narrative that readers will embrace for its message that change can happen in any life, and will turn to again and again.

The following stories and messages, excerpted from Divinely Blessed, reveal some of Reed’s story as well as what she was told:

Listen to your intuition. I had always been scared of riding in Robert’s boat, although boats in general do not scare me. It was no different on this occasion. But, I ignored my intuition.

While on the Lake of the Ozarks, a speedboat ran over them, cutting their boat in half. Reed’s head was split open with shrapnel; she was knocked into the water and officially drowned.

She woke up 28 days later with severe injuries and voices from God. Many of us have heard that small, still voice that seems to come from our higher selves, but God’s voice was loud, outside of her, like someone was in the room. For someone “who had never read a spiritual book” in her life, the experience was disconcerting at first. “I always knew that God was there, but being talked to like that was another story.”

God has no religion. No one faith is closer to God than another. God has no religion and is a part of everyone and everything on this earth.

The dying take with them only love and joy. If you have ever felt guilt for not being by a loved one’s side when they passed away, I am here to tell you that they do not leave this world alone. They take no earthly hurts or grievances with them, only joy. You will leave this world with the knowledge that you were very much loved and cared for while you were here—as you enter a place of perfect love and light.

Prayer works and could heal the planet. I cannot tell you how many strangers I have come in contact with over the last couple of years that say to me how they knew about my accident, the extent of my injuries, and prayed for me often. The enormous amount of prayers that collectively came my way created the miracle of my recovery. It is this type of collective prayer that we all need to use to begin to heal the world of all its battles and bring peace to our planet.

Divinely Blessed also answers such enduring questions as:

What is heaven like? It was as if all time and space had stopped. All earthly pressure was gone. I was lifted up and began to float alongside two angelic beings of light to a very bright place. I felt more love than I have ever known. Peace and happiness were abundant there and I felt that I was right where I belonged. The feelings of love, peace and happiness were so strong that I did not care if I came back into my body—after all, I no longer needed it.

Reed’s angelic guides wore long robes, had no gender, and no wings. Their eyes were a bright cobalt blue, their luminosity indescribable, as though it were “another color” for which we have no name.

Reed has no memory of the accident and only a “splotchy” memory of the two or three years before that. Her doctors at the University of Missouri call her recovery a “miracle.”
In fact, Reed says were it not for the collective prayers of those around her, she would not have come back at all. If, initially reluctant, she soon embraced that she has a job to do. She sold her real estate business, started studying spirituality, and is devoting herself to her books. Yes, Divinely Blessed is just the first. Lisa says that she received “other messages while on the other side,” which will be revealed to us, as well as to her, when the (divine) timing is right.

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About the Author:

Lisa Reed married at 19 and had two daughters by the time she was 22. Her choice of husband was unfortunate, and she learned what it was like to live paycheck to paycheck, eventually going on welfare.

This was a far cry from the upper middle-class lifestyle she knew as a child. She knew she had to change her life. She divorced her first husband and never looked back.

With a dream of providing her girls with the same type of lifestyle she had had growing up, Reed threw herself into a career. By the time she was 30, she owned her own real estate office and, within two years, acquired another office. She was on the fast track and nothing was going to stand in her way.

At the age of 37, she had it all: a secure income, luxurious home, fancy cars . . . a life many people dream about.

On June 19, 2005, the boat wreck changed Reed’s life forever. After awaking from the coma, with God’s voice speaking to her, she understood that she has a mission to share those messages with others. She also understood that financial success has very little to do with happiness, that there is so much more to our lives than just making a good living.

She sold her real estate business, earned a degree in Metaphysics, and became a certified life coach. Divinely Blessed is the first in a series of books that will share the messages she receives.
Author, Lisa Reed Reveals How Upheaval and Trauma Became Blessings in Disguise
Profound New Book, Divinely Blessed: A Journey of Light, Takes Readers on a Heavenly Voyage to Inner Peace

First Time Author, Lisa Reed, Reveals How Upheaval and Trauma Became Blessings in Disguise

Monet, Missouri, September 28, 2008, some books are written to help us grow. Others provide inspiration to face life with newfound faith. Still, others share a tale that literally leaves us captivated. Rarely do we find one book that does it all. Yet, Divinely Blessed: A Journey of Light, is a book that makes us think, makes us feel, and moves us to a new level of understanding. More than a book you read, this is a book you experience.

Lisa Reed seemed to have it all: A high-powered real estate career, two beautiful children, a gorgeous husband, a luxurious home, fancy cars and a fashionable wardrobe. Her achievements were quite amazing particularly since a few years earlier she was what some called a “welfare mom.” Yet, even through her successes, Lisa was in her own words, “spiritually empty.” That is until one summer’s day, in 2005, when fate had a hand in Lisa’s life and tragedy struck during a boat trip on the lake. The accident was so severe that Lisa was not supposed to live; yet 28 days later, she emerged from a coma with a totally new perspective. Her doctors said it was a "miracle" and to Lisa’s way of thinking, that’s exactly what it was . . . a true miracle. What followed next, turned Lisa’s story into a case study.

After the near-death experience, Lisa was infused with new revelations that she was compelled to share. In her intriguing account, Lisa’s experiences of heavenly guidance are illuminating. “As I lay in my hospital bed in the rehabilitation center, I started receiving messages from a higher source that I believe is God,” stated Lisa. “I was told that I survived my ordeal because I had a message to tell the world. Since that day, I have reflected on my entire life, sharing not only the message of survival from a near-death experience, but more important, sharing all the divine blessings received over the course of my life. It is my greatest hope that reading my book will open the minds and the way for others to perceive the divine magic at work in our every day lives.”

“Divinely Blessed is a must read for anyone who is living in the fast lane. As a successful businesswoman, Lisa Reed had created a life of luxury for her family, but a tragic near-death experience caused her to lose it all. What Lisa gained from the experience is the spiritual knowledge that there is nothing to fear in life or death. Lisa is here to teach her message to the world.” Dr. Tom Hill - author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul.

In Divinely Blessed: A Journey of Light, first time Author Lisa Reed takes us on an extraordinary and unforgettable voyage that not only alters how we view life and death, but gives us the insight to look at life from an entirely new perspective. For those who think the material world is all there is, Lisa’s engaging, eye-opening book clearly demonstrates that there is so much more. Once reading the first few pages of this captivating tale, readers will not be able to put it down. Simply stated, one young woman’s experience sheds light on a subject few have been able to articulate with such eloquence and understanding. Through Divinely Blessed, we enter a world that dispels the darkness surrounding death, replacing it with a message of hope, faith and courage.

About Lisa Reed:

Lisa Reed overcame early adversity to become a successful businesswoman, but after a severe accident, she turned to spirituality where helping others became her life's mission. Lisa recently completed a degree in metaphysics. This is the first in a series of books she is writing.


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