Near Death Experience Facebook Page

Lisa had her own "Death Experience", and created a page where others can feel free to express what they have experienced. Many experiences such as "Out of Body Experience" feel the same as a death experience. Ones experience's is limitless so feel free to look and share with others. You are not crazy and not alone!


Lisa Reed-Hurtt, Ph.D. Fan Page

Welcome to the Facebook Fan Page. On my website you can view them at any time. Even if you do not have Facebook, you will still be able to scroll through the pages on the right. We do encourage you to get your own FB account where you can personally be involved and meet amazing like minded souls! Facebook is one of my main forms of social media. You can find everything you need about upcoming Events, Seminars, Webinars, Blogtalk Radio and etc.


Divinely Blessed: A Journey of Light

Divinely Blessed the book has turned into more than just a book about a woman and what it took to let her ego go. It is about living the life you want and living it with intention.

Join us and lets learn together!



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