I understand how devastating our world's current economic crisis is for many folks. So many people are worried about losing their jobs, homes, and automobiles. A few years before we experienced this recession, I made a huge error in judgment. I let my health insurance lapse. A couple days later, I was involved in a tragic accident. I literally died by drowning.

I am someone who has gone through a NDE (near-death experience). I remained on life support and in a coma for nearly a month. My survival under these circumstances was a miracle. The Doctors who worked on my case were amazed. There is very little proof in the scientific world as to why I survived.

This is no fairy tale . . . Prior to the summer of 2005 –

I was living the American Dream: "Struggling welfare mom turns into successful business woman." When times were good, money seemed to have an endless supply as long as I worked 24/7. In the fall of 2005, I returned home from the hospital and began to live my new life. Due to my injuries, I would never be able to work in the Real Estate Business at the frantic pace I grew to depend upon before.

My life seemed all messed up. The money I used to earn was a thing of the past. I had over $300K in medical bills to pay out of my own pocket. The more I tried to make everything seem normal to the rest of the world, the further into debt I fell. These were the days of Lisa's Life Recession! Suddenly, I realized that everything happens for a reason. A severe injury was the only way I was ever going to slow down. Losing my glamorous lifestyle was the only way I would learn that it never really mattered. It was all an illusion. Houses, Cars, Jewelry and Clothes are only possessions. They can't make or break a person. What matters most in a person's life is the people they love and those who love them.

I have never been wealthier in spirit than I am today. Would you like to begin your new life?


  • Going from rags to riches to financial chaos and surviving.
  • How to be happy when you have lost the lifestyle you loved.
  • Life can knock you in the head. Staying positive will help you get back on your feet quickly.
  • So, you're broke. . . What happens now?
  • When you hit rock bottom, there is nowhere to climb but up!

Availability: Nationwide by arrangement or as a last minute guest
Contact: rene@simplyspiritualsolutions.com
Phone: 1-888/590-4449, x702


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