My Life Transformation - From Tragedy to Transformation

My story is one of spiritual awakening in the most traumatic of situations. I am a chosen role model for those who are taking life too seriously and making their lives more complicated than they need to be. When we live at such a hectic pace, it is almost impossible to pay attention to the blessings we receive in our lives on a daily basis. Prior to June 2005, I was living in the fast lane. My type A personality could not stop reaching for perfection in the business world. I had everything my heart desired in the material world, and yet, I was constantly striving for more. I was suffering from spiritual anorexia and it nearly killed me. There was a void in my life that I could not fill up by closing one more business deal. I was too blind to notice that 'spirit' was around me all the time. It was trying to summon my attention on many occasions and I chose to look past it. One fateful nigh,t I had no choice but to let 'spirit' take over. On this occasion, my life changed forever. It came in the form of a tragedy that handicapped my ego and from that point on I have been tuned into the spiritual realm 24/7.  

I suffered a near-death experience at the age of 37. When I awoke from a coma, some 28 days later, it was as if my brain had switched channels on me and I started picking up frequencies very clearly from 'spirit'. As I lay in my hospital bed in the rehabilitation center, I started receiving messages from a higher source that I believe is God. I was told that I survived because I had a message to tell the world. Since that day, I have been reflecting on my entire life. It is not only the message of survival from a near-death experience that I am supposed to teach.  It is also about all the Divine blessings that I have received over the course of my life. Some have been really big and amazing, while others have been small and more subtle, but just as amazing.

These Divine gifts have not been reserved for me because I am someone special or of a higher moral character than most. I am just an average woman.  No better or worse than anyone else. These gifts are provided for each and every one of us. They are always there when we need them. It is my greatest hope to teach others to see the dance of the Divine in their own.

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