Divinely Blessed by Lisa Reed

Sometimes, It Takes Losing Everything to Gain What Really Matters

Divinely Blessed by Lisa Reed To an outsider, Lisa Reed seemed to have it all: A high-powered real estate career. Two beautiful children, a gorgeous husband, a luxurious home, fancy cars, and a fashionable wardrobe. Not bad, considering just a few years earlier she was what some would call a "welfare mom." Still, there was a problem. Spiritually, she was empty.

Then, one summer's day in 2005, tragedy struck in the form of a boating accident. She wasn't supposed to live. But, twenty-eight days later, Lisa emerged from the intensive care unit. More than one doctor had stated it was a 'miracle.' Lisa knew it was a miracle.

What happened next, had made her a case study for anyone who's ever let the material world get in the way. After a near-death experience (NDE), Lisa set out to reveal the Divine intervention at work in our everyday lives. In her book, Divinely Blessed, she shows us how to recognize it by exploring how Heavenly guidance appeared throughout her own troubled young adulthood. The result is an engaging and eye-opening look at the myriad of ways in which God cares for all of us. Divinely Blessed is sure to open the eyes of anyone who reads it.

Paperback 124 pages

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