• How can I live the life I was meant to live?
  • How can I be happy everyday?
  • How can I get excited about my life again?
  • How can I make my relationships work?
  • How can I find the time for things that really matter to me?
  • How can I keep my life in balance?
  • How can I have the success I deserve?
  • How can I experience the health and wellness I desire?
  • How do I overcome the challenges I face in my life?
  • What do I want in my new life?
  • Who am I now that I'm in midlife, gone through divorce, an 'empty nester'?


  • Why am I here?
  • What is my reason for being?
  • What is my true life purpose?
  • What is the best career choice for me?
  • How do I do work I love and make a great living doing it?
  • How can I land my ideal job?
  • How can I start and succeed in my own business?
  • How do I create meaning and fulfillment in my life and work?


Life Coaching addresses all areas of life, which includes:  relationships, life balance, health and fitness, spirituality, fun and leisure as well as life purpose and career.  My method approaches life creatively from a holistic perspective.

The focus is:

  • Designing your life and and carving out a life you'll love.
  • What will help you achieve results in the shortest period of time?
  • Taking a deep look at life so that your challenges and concerns are explored and worked through.


Dissatisfied with your work? Uncertain of your purpose?

I specialize in the Life Purpose Process, a short-term, results-oriented approach for finding new purpose and direction. My approach takes into account all aspects of each person and assists them in making the most satisfying career and life choices.  This process can focus on your life work and career and/or look at life purpose from a 'Spiritual' perspective.

How do you help people find their life purpose?

I take people through a thorough self-exploration process to determine what they love to do, what their unique gifts, talents and interests are, and all the things they truly want.  We then help integrate all these aspects into a meaningful life and career.

What if I don't know what I want?

The Life Purpose Process can help you, whether you have some idea about your direction or not.  The process is like putting together a puzzle and each question asked will help identify a piece of the puzzle.  As the pieces are put together, you can see the whole picture.  That's when someone can see their life work.

Often, people that are confused are looking for something more exciting, creative, or unusual.  The process can help you create your own special work.

How long does it take?

Some people are able to determine their direction in several hours.  Most often, it will take 6-8 sessions to clarify your direction, look at options, and develop a plan of action.  Additional support is provided, if you want assistance until you change jobs, start a business, or make other desired changes.

How is the process different from other career coaching or consulting?

The Life Purpose Process is a holistic method which incorporates all aspects of the person and everything they love to do into a meaningful career.

Is there a spiritual aspect to the process?

Very much so!  I respect each person's unique philosophical and spiritual path.  This path is addressed in our work together.

Will my financial security be addressed?

Yes!  Financial issues are an important concern.  Our work is about helping you find the work you love as well as doing work that meets and/or exceeds your financial needs.

Very often,  there are options that will be much more lucrative or marketable.  For example:  Various artists we've worked with have become multi-media technicians, illustrators, graphic artists, created greeting cards, T-shirts and children's wallpaper.

I look at many options until you find one that is the best match to your personal and financial goals.

I have many interests and abilities.  Do I have to focus on one thing?

No.  Many of the people we work with are multi-faceted.  You have different options.  As many options as your time and energy will permit.  You can do several things that you love to do. You can focus on one thing that will allow you to do many things under one umbrella.  You can also decide a 'game plan' where you do many things over the course of a lifetime.  The process helps clarify the number of options you would like to pursue.


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