Positive Life Transitions and Transformation - Embracing Change


Many people are journeying through a 'shift' of spiritual awakening. The timing of this shift varies from soul-to-soul. There are no coincidences - it is all about Divine timing.

Imagine the time is now. We live in harmony with the Universe. All is at peace. Love is abundant and everyone's needs are met. Life is a vision created by the loving intention of our creator. We are one with Almighty God. Therefore, our intentions bring us the story we refer to as life. Have only intentions of love and create a positive vision. The opposite of love is fear, and fear is the 'root of all evil.' Only love is real. Fear is an illusion. And, when fear is eliminated, evil does not exist. Understanding that fear is not real restores balance to the Universe. All is harmonious and full of love.

Meet Lisa Reed, Ph.D. - Messenger of Light. She has struggled with fear most of her life. It manifested in many different forms up to the point of Lisa's spiritual awakening. Please pay attention to the following quote.

“Never to suffer would be never to have been blessed.”  
Edgar Allen Poe, 1809-1849

But the challenge that most of us face is how to effectively deal with the change so that we are open to the second chance it affords.

I bet everyone can think of at least one change in your life that has resulted in new opportunity.

Why, then, do we associate change with words like stress? Fear? Or even Panic?

I know that change is hard.

I know some of you are facing challenges and changes that leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain. And like so many people I work with, you need some help in moving forward.

You may feel yourself stuck in transition. Or you may not be able to find the meaning in the change you are facing.

One of the keys to coping with change is when you are faced with a major change - or even a minor one that is beginning to feel major -seek the support and expertise of others to help you navigate through the transition period.

I would be honored to support you during your period of change.
Lisa Reed Ph.D.

Let Lisa be your spiritual counselor and life coach. You will be enlightened by Lisa's book, "Divinely Blessed - A Journey of Light." This story is inspired by physical death and miraculous life.

After surviving death, experiencing the hereafter, and a twenty-eight day coma, Lisa was sent back with an amazing message and a powerful system that has literally turned her life around. Lisa has created a method that will allow others to change the way they live their lives . . . turning 'Tragedy into Transformation.' Lisa became a Transformation Expert with an intuitive message that can help you in any type of life transition.


How Lisa can help you:

  • Handle all of life's transitions with grace, confidence, and ease.
  • Learn how positive and easy change can be.
  • Discover that your hopes and dreams can become your REALITY.
  • Lisa can counsel and coach you through all areas of change in your life.

Contact Lisa today and see how fast you can change your tomorrow.

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